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Blue Book has always stood apart from the rest of the industry directories by providing the most extensive information on companies and their products. The best value of advertising with Blue Book is that ads are positioned in the appropriate product category. Ads are in the right place at the right time, when professionals are actively seeking company information! The same goes for!

There are three tiers of advertising in They include:

Store Fronts (1)
The highest level of visibility on the website. Store Fronts feature your company logo or graphic (155 wide by 90 high) .gif, a direct link to your company profile page on our site and a brief description or motto (up to 8 words) of your services. All of this appears beside the category and sub-categories best suited to your companies needs. Store Fronts include “Enhanced Vendor Listings.”

Home Page Store Front
$4100 for 12 months, $2735 for 6 months.

Category Store Fronts
$2950 for 12 months, $1970 for 6 months. Store Fronts appear on the upper right side of the page, similar to a “web banner.”

Premium Positioning (2)
Allows a company to rise to the top of its category(s). Premium positioning listings appear on a colored background.
Premium Positioning $1800 for 12 months.

Enhanced Vendor Listings (3)
Includes a graphic ad banner (525 wide by 80 high) .gif format along with up to 2800 characters (including blanks and punctuation) describing your company/products/services/applications (all up to you). Also included are a hyperlink to your website and email as well as a “more information” link that informs you how a customer wishes to receive more information on your services. The four options include mail, email, phone or fax. This appears on all chosen categories.

Enhanced Vendor Listing
$800 for 12 months.

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