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 is designed to supply contractors, integrators, consultants and venue system managers information about manufacturers and suppliers to the sound and communications industry. Detailed contact information, personnel and types of products are offered for each company on the site. You will not find information about installer/integrators, consultants or venues.

The home page lists 41 categories of equipment as well as a search engine to find specific companies. Clicking the category opens a list of sub-categories for the specific topic. Select the first sub-category, “all listings for [category],” to display all listings for the main category. Once a sub-category is opened (single click), all companies that have indicated this as an area they supply are displayed. Clicking any of these companies displayed provides specific information about the company.

Some companies feature an Enhanced Listing, which is indicated with a star and a yellow background with contact information displayed on the company list. When opened, you are provided with the standard information about the company plus an additional description on the company's lines and history. At the bottom of this company detail is a link for Request More Information. Here, you can request to be contacted via phone, mail, email or fax. Leads are sent direct to the listed company so a prompt response often follows. Hyperlinks to these companies are also included for both web address and email.

Many categories also feature a Store Front. These appear on the right side of select categories and resemble an Internet “ad banner.” Clicking these brings you directly to that company’s listing on this site. These companies’ information includes the Enhanced Listing information mentioned above.

The search engine (located at the top and bottom of the home page) searches for all characters entered within the database, not just the first characters in a listing.

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